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Superior Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Lauren M. Yelp

Published Nov 10 2017

I called this ChemDry to clean my linoleum and laminate floors since another company said they couldn't do a good job. I thank the other company for being honest with me. The floors were HORRIBLE after cleaning. Maybe I got a bad tech. I called Mark? and informed him of the terrible job that was done. He replied and apologized and would refund me the entire amount. No arguing, a check would be in the mail since I paid by card. I gave them 3 stars for the immediate refund without the hassle. Would give them 5 for just that but the cleaning job was so terrible. Had to get on my hands and knees to do the job myself as it was for an open house. So thank you Mark? I appreciate your excellent customer service.

Superior Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Kimberly D. Yelp

Published Jul 14 2017

I had been wanting to get my carpets cleaned for a while but I was skeptical of some of the companies in Groupon. I went with Chem-Dry and I am so pleased. I should have taken a before picture, to compare for you guys but I forgot. Anyhow, my carpet looks SO nice. Makes my apartment look so clean. Rudy did a great job. He was quick and got out some stains I honestly didn't think would come out. If I ever need my carpet cleaned again I will definitely be calling Chem-Dry again.

Superior Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Lisa H. Yelp

Published Jun 12 2017

I got a Groupon for 3-room carpet cleaning and was able to scheduled it rather easily with Yvette at the 1-800 number.  They also called to confirm the appointment the day before.  My technician was running the late the day of: I was scheduled for noon-3pm, but he didn't arrive until just after 4pm.  I had to call a couple of time to check on the status, but customer service were nice about it and gave me updates when they have them.   When Garrett arrived, he was really friendly and cleaned my 2 bedrooms plus closets and a rug and just charged a tiny bit extra ($5/each) for the closets and rug.  The cleaning itself took about 45 minutes, and while my carpets weren't really that dirty, it was nice to get them cleaned and Garrett fluffed them also so they look newer.   If you don't have super dirty carpets, the Groupon is a great deal, but if you need some serious cleaning, they'll likely recommend the deep clean (extra charge) upon arrival and a quick assessment of the carpet conditions.

Superior Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Carrie D. Yelp

Published Apr 10 2017

I called Mark, because I've used his services before, and they have always done a great job! I had some carpet cleaning scheduled for last Saturday. For a deep clean. The tech was early, polite and professional. When the tech went to do the deep clean the equipment wasn't working, and he told me that he was going to do the basic package at no charge, and If we still needed the deep cleaning they would come back next week which I confirmed I would be charged for the deep cleaning fee. The basic cleaning met our needs and I told Mark they didn't need to come back out. Mark told me he would be charging me for a basic cleaning, which caught me off guard because I was told it was at no charge by the tech the day of the cleaning, as well as speaking with Mark that day and him not mentioning paying for the basic cleaning either.  After a discussion with him today, Mark agreed not to bill me for the basic service based upon what I was told. At no time did the tech complete a new invoice showing the charges for the basic cleaning, or I would have paid him on the spot (we were paying cash for the deep clean that was originally suppose to be done) or have waited to get the deep cleaning done. When I asked Mark for something in writing stating I would not be billed he wouldn't provide me with anything and stated that he was going to write on the invoice and account "no charge". I also tipped the tech for his time and thanked him for doing a great job! I would still do business with company!


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